NORTH CAROLINA — Living with anxiety can be crippling, even where there isn’t a global pandemic threat.

For those who live with anxiety, going for a walk outside can be a struggle. But Jacksonville psychiatrist Dr. David Ahlberg says one way to manage your anxiety, without leaving your home, is telemedicine.

"If they're already on medication and they're able to get their medication without having to come to the office, they feel better about it because they feel like they might be around the illness and that helps them a lot just to know that," Ahlberg said.

While many people fear the risk of illness when leaving their home, especially to a doctor’s office, telemedicine is as simple as a phone call. It lets people contact their doctor and speak with them without an in-person visit.

Ahlberg says that although a global health crisis can be scary, it is important for doctors to listen to their patients’ concerns and to tackle them accordingly.