RALEIGH, N.C. – Businesses in downtown Raleigh continue to grow.

  • Downtown Raleigh businesses are still thriving
  • 21 businesses closed in 2019, but 38 also opened this year
  • Sales are up 8.9 percent over last year

The Downtown Raleigh Alliance said downtown businesses have had more than $240 million in sales so far, and sales are up 8.9 percent from 2018. Every district will see growth compared to last year.

The only downside is that 21 restaurants or bars closed in 2019, however, 38 new ones opened.

One of the new businesses opening this year is Reuben’s New York Deli on Davie Street.

“If it’s a good product, and it’s consistent, and it’s something people want to eat or want to purchase, it’s just being able to withstand the test of time,” Reuben’s Operations Partner Glyn Jones said. “Right now in downtown Raleigh, the weather can make the difference between sales and no sales, and that’s where you have to be really nimble in your approach to revenue and be able to tap into every source of revenue that’s available to you.”

Reuben’s has been trying to increase revenue by offering third-party delivery and catering.

The alliance said the Warehouse District has seen a 55 percent increase in sales this year.