CHARLOTTE,N.C. -- Some shoppers spent hours in line on Record Store Black Friday to get their hands on some rare vintage vinyl.

The annual event celebrates independently-owned record stores across the country. Music fans get a chance to buy limited releases from older artists to those currently topping the charts like Lizzo.


Experts say millennials are bringing back a passion for records as well as turntables. One fan from Statesville says it’s just about loving good tunes.

“You know, you can download a song and put it on your phone, but you don’t touch it. You know, it’s like the thing that made you love music to begin with. You could open up the album and read the credits and see the pictures and all that stuff. You don’t get to do that with a digital download. You see a picture on your phone. It’s something to be able to read it and touch it and pull the excerpts out and ah you know. It’s more than just the music I guess,” customer Brice Reese said.

Some of the albums will only have a few hundred copies nationwide. Store owners say the limited releases sell out quickly.