CORNELIUS, N.C. — Police are advising residents not to donate to a group called "HOPE for Domestic Violence," saying it may be a scam.

  • HOPE group collects clothing and household items for donation to domestic violence "recovery homes."
  • Police say they cannot verify where these homes are located.
  • Residents are advised not to donate to this group.

By distributing bags to homes throughout the area, police say the group has been claiming to collect clothing and other household items for use in "recovery homes" for victims of domestic violence.

However, Cornelius Police say they do not know where these homes are located. 

Items that are collected and not given to domestic violence victims, according to police, are being sold to second-hand stores to generate revenue for the group.

Because the location of the homes cannot be verified by police, detectives say residents should not donate to this group.

Anyone with questions about the HOPE group should call Cornelius Police at 704-892-7773.