CHARLOTTE, NC -- Toy stores bring back childhood memories and help families create special moments of their own.

The owners of a new specialty toy store in Charlotte hope to bring out the kid in all of us when they open their doors this weekend.

Toy Mania is set to open in Cotswold in the same spot where Toys and Co. used to be. The owners of Toy Mania also have a store in Durham. 

The store has everything from toys for infants and teenagers, to some for parents as well. 

Sherry Stone is the store manager and she says brick and mortar stores are still hanging on in the age of technology because of the hands-on experience. 

"It's very nostalgic because there are so few specialty toy shops around. We offer you the experience that you can't get online," Stone says. "You come in, you shop, you bring your child with you, you actually can watch them play, interact with products so that they know what's going to be the best item for their child."

Toy Mania opens Saturday in Cotswold at 9 a.m. which also falls on Neighborhood Toy Store Day.