RALEIGH N.C. -- A new program has started in Wake County to address infant deaths. 

African American babies are twice as likely to die in Wake County than any other baby.

The county has started the Best Baby Zone in an effort to identify the reason behind the high infant deaths rates. 

Tiffany Perry is a lifelong Raleigh resident. She experienced three losses- one stillborn and two miscarriages. 

She had a baby five months ago and commends the team of health workers from the county. "I had a team aboard this time so we stay on everything- blood pressure, any issue I had with my body, we were on it," Perry said. 

The group is expected to have an action plan in place by next September in hopes of helping more babies thrive. 

"I love on him all the time," Perry says of her five-month-old Christian. "He is mommy's angel. We made it together."