CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hundreds of jobs are coming to the Queen City. Charlotte beat out a number of places to get Honeywell's headquarters built on Church Street.

The company broke ground on its new headquarters in uptown Thursday.

The industrial manufacturer that works on everything from airplanes to barcode scanners will move its headquarters from New Jersey to North Carolina.

“I think they were concerned about how many of their workforce they could bring down here. I think it's exceeding their level of expectations of the number of people who have wanted to come live in Charlotte,” Gov. Roy Cooper said.

The company says by the end of 2024 the new 23-story tower will house around 750 employees. Some of them are already hired, but they are still looking for hundreds more.

"The economic environment was important. The growth of the market was important. The ability to recruit and retain talent. All of those factor combined," CEO Darius Adamczyk said.

The CEO also says its tower will likely be the first of more buildings to be built. Its uptown tower is expected to be finished in 2021.