RALEIGH, N.C. -- Fury is reignited between legislative leaders at the General Assembly over the House budget veto override from two weeks ago.

House Republicans took a vote on the vetoed budget on the morning of 9/11. House Democrats say they weren't told if there would be votes that morning.

Representative Darren Jackson says he took a lie detector test saying he was told it was a no-voting session.

Speaker Tim Moore says that's not something he's interested in doing.

“Look this isn’t the Maury Povich show, this is state government,” Moore said.

Speaker Moore says the calendar was properly noted and they were following the rules when they took the override vote.

He points out that a number of Republican leaders weren't there and Speaker Moore was also not there the day before.

Moore says if the Democrats had walked off the floor, that would have shut the vote down.

He believes Rep. Jackson has changed his tune from September 11 to today, saying never once did he bring up the concerns with him.

“For a member to come in, make these allegations which aren’t accurate, which can be disproven, with no notice, no discussion about it, that says something. I’ve been up front and straight forward with you guys from the beginning. I’ve said when I say a chance to take a vote I’d do it,” said Rep. Tim Moore, (R) House Speaker.

“I know that some might say that it looks like a political stunt but I hope laying out the details of how this happened and laying out the evidence shows how serious I am about this. That this is not a stunt. I feel like they attacked me but they attacked the institution of the state house,” Rep. Darren Jackson, (D) House Democratic Leader said.

The budget is now in the hands of the Senate. Rep. Jackson says he hopes that they don't take up an override vote and instead continues to negotiate.