RALEIGH, N.C. — Chaos broke out on the State House floor Wednesday when, in an early-morning session, Republican leaders surprised their Democratic colleagues by calling a veto override vote on the state budget after it had set idle for more than two months.

  • GOP lawmakers vote to override governor's budget veto Wednesday
  • Dems say they were told there would be no vote, so many were absent
  • House Speaker Rep. Tim Moore denied saying there wouldn't be a vote 
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Only nine Democrats were on the House floor for the session, saying they were told no votes would be taken.

After the vote was taken, the few Democrats who showed up fumed in outrage.

The House voted 55-9 to override the governor's budget veto.

House leaders say Democrats were told that a vote would happen Wednesday, but it is unclear to what Democrats thought they were referring to.  

"There was never any statement made that we would not take up votes this morning," state House Speaker Rep. Tim Moore said.

On Thursday, demands for transparency rang out in front of the legislative building in Raleigh. Many of those in attendance say the vote was untimely because so many house members were attending services when it happened, which is why most Democratic representatives were absent.

The vote now heads to the Senate.

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