NORTH CAROLINA -- Early voting for North Carolina elections is another thing in Hurricane Dorian’s path.

The state board of elections says several counties will not have early voting due to the storm, although elections are underway for the states third and ninth district as well as the city of Charlotte.

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Check here to see if your precinct will be open or closed for early voting. Election Day is Tuesday, September 10.

Both McCready and Bishop have released statements calling for expanded early voting.


"This has been an election where the voters have faced every type of obstacle, from gerrymandering to absentee ballot fraud to a hurricane last fall that displaced thousands of voters. Now the voters face another hurricane, which threatens to keep thousands more from being able to cast their sacred right to vote. That's why today, I'm calling for elections officials to open early voting sites across the eight counties in this district on Saturday, Sunday and Monday before election day on Tuesday, September 10. When we faced fraud before, we fought back. This election is the people's chance to get justice, but they can only get justice if every single voter — Democrat, Independent, and Republican — has the chance to make their voice heard."


“Because of Hurricane Dorian, voters across the ninth district are expressing concerns about their ability to cast their ballots – it even forced the suspension of early voting in some counties. We are formally requesting the North Carolina State Board of Elections extend early voting by adding Saturday hours in every county in the district. Our goal is to ensure every eligible voter in the ninth congressional district has the opportunity to exercise his or her right to vote, and a districtwide extension of early voting into Saturday would help ensure no one is disenfranchised.”


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