BLOWING ROCK, N.C. -- A garden in Blowing Rock is bringing people in from all over to put their inner thoughts up on a tree branch.

  • Located outside of Take Heart store
  • Over 12,000 tags hang in the garden
  • Cart with tags and pens is outside 24 hours a day

The prayer garden is located right outside of Take Heart in Blowing Rock. It began several months ago, when the store owner decided to create a place where people could leave their burdens, hopes, dreams or anything that was bothering them. 

There are now around 12,000 tags hanging in the garden, with more going up daily. The prayer tags not only cover the tree, but have spread to nearby chairs and decorations.

Take Heart’s manager says they leave the cart with tags and pens outside 24 hours a day, so people always have a place they can come to get their worries off their mind.