CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A lot of people have a favorite podcast, and some may be looking for the next show to listen to. So would you listen to a podcast hosted by police?

  • "Please Pass The Bacon" is a new podcast run by policemen from the Charlotte area. 
  • Officers Jason Peetz and Chad Webster host the show to talk about life as a policeman, on and off the clock.
  • They also rate different brands of bacon on the show, in reference to a term often used disparagingly against police officers.

Officers Jason Peetz and Chad Webster have worked in local law enforcement for years, and now work in the community engagement division with a local department. The two were looking for a new way to get involved and share their stories, so they started the "Please Pass the Bacon" podcast last month. 

Each week, a new officer joins Peetz and Webster to discuss stories from the job, and share a little bit about their lives at home. 

"The nature of police officers isn't 'Shine the spotlight on me.' So we're kind of saying hey, we're okay with that, let's tell some stories so we can pay it forward to law enforcement," says Peetz. "We're doing it so we can hopefully have good conversation and good feelings about police do the overwhelming majority of the time."

"It's not the most comfortable thing to do, to expose that part of our lives. But it really is good for people to see beyond the uniform," Webster says. 

The officers rate different brands of bacon each episode, but there's a deeper meaning behind the name of the podcast. 

"Using bacon as a reference in the same context of a conversation that involves police officers, it's looked down upon," Peetz says. "We looked at it as, we're going to own it. We're going to own that term."

The podcast is available for download on your phone. The officers also started a YouTube page for people to watch the podcast.