GRANITE FALLS, N.C. – Two suspects have been arrested and two are on the run after robbing a convenience store.

  • Dennis Welch and Adrienne Wilson were arrested
  • Officers are still searching for Jake Patrie and Taylor Patrie
  • Pregnant clerk says they tied her up and barricaded her in a bathroom

Granite Falls police officers arrested Dennis Welch and Adrienne Wilson for the crime and they appeared in court Thursday. Officers are still searching for Jake Patrie and Taylor Patrie.

For Rebekah Ruetenik, the night three masked robbers came into Tobacco to Go will be a night she never forgets. She says the robbers pointed a gun at her, zip tied her hands, and wrapped duct tape around her.



“It takes a real man to point a gun at a pregnant woman. I think you're pathetic,” she said. “It was from my shoulders he skipped my belly, went down my back, did the top of my ankles and legs,” she said.

She says she was then locked in the bathroom where the suspects barricaded the door with bottles of soda.

“I turned myself around and with my hands tied I went down and tried to get the handle. The first few times it slipped because I was nervous,” she said.

After waiting a few minutes, she says she eventually was able to push her way out and hit the panic button. The robbers emptied the cash register and stole cigarettes.

“You have the audacity to walk in and rob someone at gunpoint and yet you don't have the audacity to stand up and say, 'Hey I did it,”” Ruetenik said. “Come back to Caldwell County. You’re going to be dealt with either way.”

Ruetenik is back at work and says she gets “panicky” from time to time; however, that feeling won’t stop her from showing up at the suspects’ next court appearance.

“They are coward enough to wear a mask. I want to see their face,” she said.

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