LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. -- Flags are at half-staff at the Emergency Operations Center in Lancaster County to remember 59-year-old Dennis Straight, a man that Fire Marshal Russell Rogers called a servant leader.

  • Dennis Straight died after being hit by a car.
  • He was directing traffic.
  • His colleagues are reminding people to pay attention when driving. 

Straight, 59, died while directing traffic along Highways 5 and 521 Wednesday.



The firefighter was hit by a vehicle. His colleagues say he pitched in where needed on this volunteer staff with a quiet spirit of service for more than 20 years.

 “Dennis was a humble, humble guy. He was kind of quiet. Someone said this morning that he was a servant leader. He was just able to be there for the younger firefighters. And it didn’t matter what the call was he just seemed to show up,” said Russell Rogers, a fire marshal with Lancaster Co. Fire Rescue

The small staff of 10 active members is now asking for prayers and for drivers to do their part and pull over when they see first responders answering calls.

“We want to ask people to pay attention. Driving is a privilege,” said Russell.