NORTH CAROLINA -- In an effort to encourage voter turnout, both Uber and Lyft will be offering free or discounted rides on Election Day.

  • Lyft offering 50 percent off all rides on Election Day
  • Lyft offering free rides to underserved communities
  • Uber offering $10 off a single ride to your polling place

With Lyft’s “The Ride to Vote” campaign, they will be offering 50 percent off all rides in the US and free rides in certain disadvantaged communities “that face significant obstacles to transportation.”

“It's really important for us that everybody have the opportunity to exercise the right to vote so our goal is to help as many people as we can in doing just that,” said Lyft market manager Lauren Pelletier.

To find out more details from Lyft and claim your 50 percent off promo code, click here.

Similarly, Uber will be offering $10 off a single ride to the polls. Uber says in order to receive the $10 off, a rider must enter a promo code, request a ride using Uber’s “polling place locator,” and then select the lowest priced ride available in his or her city, starting in the order of EXPRESS POOL, POOL, and then UberX.  

Uber’s promo code will be made available in the app to riders on Election Day.

To find out more about Uber’s discount, click here.