MATTHEWS, N.C. -- Students, faculty, and the community at-large are still reeling after the fatal shooting at Butler High School in Matthews.

Monday afternoon, officials released more details including the identifies of the suspect and deceased student involved in the shooting at Butler High School Monday morning, as well as a suspected motive. 

  • A student was shot at Butler High School Monday morning and later died at the hospital.
  • The shooter was arrested and identified as another student.
  • Officials say it was a situation where bullying escalated out of control.

The incident happened around 7:14 a.m., according to officials. Police say that the suspect, 9th grader and 16-year-old Jatwan Craig Cuffie, is in custody. 



The student who was shot, 10th grader and 16-year-old Bobby McKeithen, was taken to CMC and later died. 

In a news conference Monday afternoon, CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox said the isolated situation involving the two students occurred when bullying escalated out of control and fear took over. One of the two students bought a gun to resolve his problems.

Matthews Police also said that bullying may have played a role in the shooting, and that other students knew the two were going to fight and wish someone had said something. They say the shooting happened near the school's cafeteria after classes began, and that Cuffie surrendered to a teacher then to police. 

Butler High School classes are canceled for Tuesday, October 30 and a teacher workday will be Wednesday, October 31.

The community gathered at the school Monday night to remember McKeithen. Those who knew him best said he was a solid friend who smiled all the time. Other student said that Cuffie was also kind, and not the sort of person they'd ever expect to bring a gun to school. 

People also attended a prayer service at Greater Life Church. 

Video surfaced on social media from inside the school around the time of the shooting. 

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CMS released the following statement on the shooting:


"Our hearts are with the family, loved ones, friends and everyone affected by the tragedy which occurred this morning at Butler High School. Counseling is available to any student or staff who wishes to speak to someone. The Butler High School community and CMS appreciates the support of the entire community during this difficult time. CMS will provide updates throughout today, as warranted."


Gov. Cooper released the following statement:


"I am heartbroken to hear about today's school violence that has taken the life of a high school student in Matthews, and my family is praying for this community. I have been in touch with local officials to offer condolences and state support as needed. As we get more information it is critical that we come together to do everything in our power to prevent these incidents from happening and keep guns out of our schools."


Cuffie is expected in court Tuesday. 

Bobby McKeithen