RALEIGH -- There is some belief that the North Carolina governor’s mansion might be haunted.

According to the Association of Paranormal Study, the source of the haunting is believed to be a bed in which the mansion’s first resident, Gov. Daniel Fowle, died in back in 1891.

  • Gov. Fowle died in his bed in 1891
  • Gov. Scott later reported sounds coming from where Fowle’s bed used to be.
  • Former governor Pat McCrory said he used to say goodnight to the ghost

The haunted mansion legend originated decades ago from Gov. Bob Scott. After Scott moved into the governor’s mansion in 1969 he had Fowle’s custom-made bed moved into storage. Soon after, Scott heard knocking noises at night coming from where Fowle’s bed had been.

Scott believed the knocking was from the ghost of Gov. Fowle, who was asking that the bed be placed back in Fowle’s former bedroom.

Former governor Pat McCrory has previously stated that he used to say goodnight to the "friendly" ghost every night.