CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Various groups are staging in Charlotte to help out with the aftermath of Florence.


Right now, there are 250 active duty Coast Guard members from Camp Lejeune along with their family members who are there as rescuers and evacuees.

The Coast Guard members and their families had to leave their homes near Camp Lejeune earlier this week and come to seek shelter while the storm passes through.

The USO of North Carolina's Piedmont division, which serves Charlotte to Asheville, is the one responsible for Thursday night's meal for as many as 450 people.

The USO heard the Coast Guard members and their families coming into town and they wanted to step in and help out with a meal.

Commanding officer, Captain Adrian West, who's also a native Charlottean, said it's a great feeling to see his hometown show up to support them.

For now, these military service don’t know when they'll leave -- watching the weather and when it's safe to leave they will go out and help out with search and rescue missions. 

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