UNION COUNTY, N.C. -- At an assembly Friday, Benjamin Fink not-so-patiently sat and listened for the final bell to ring. The Weddington Middle Schooler was clueless to a surprise waiting on the other side of the gym wall.

  • Benjamin Fink got a surprise at school from his father at an assembly
  • His father, Ben, had been in the Middle East with the Navy for nearly a year
  • As a reservist, Ben now hopes to be on a 5-year hiatus from deployment

His father, Ben Fink, just returned from the Middle East with the Navy where he worked on security operations. Fink's been away from his son, daughter Sydney and wife Amanda for nearly a year.

"Definitely missing his dad, looking forward to the rough and tumble coming back into the house,” said Amanda of Benjamin.

As principal Marcus Leake put the finishing touches on the afternoon, he introduced Fink to the sixth grade class. Benjamin's elation was infectious post-assembly.

"When I saw my dad come out I was so happy,” exclaimed Benjamin.

As to what he plans to do with Dad when they get home Benjamin said, “play Fortnite!"

Fink now transitions back to family life, readying for responsibilities but looking forward to carting the kids around to their activities. As a mobilized reservist, Fink now hopes to be on a 5-year hiatus from deployment.

"We enjoy being an active family, playing sports together being outside. Really getting back into a family unit and enjoying them,” explained Ben Fink.

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