CHARLOTTE -- With the future of Bank of America Stadium in the air, Charlotte city leaders are getting a taste of what could be headed to the city.

  • City leaders are eyeing a domed stadium for the Panthers
  • City council has set aside $75 million for potential stadium renovations
  • Domed stadium stadium could cost around $1.2 billion

This week, the mayor, city and county leaders are traveling with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce for the InterCity conference in Atlanta which included a tour of the city's new Mercedes-Benz stadium. The domed stadium cost $1.2 billion.                  

“Can we put together a public-private partnership to help make sure a stadium happen? In the case of Atlanta, the public investment was $200 million,” said Bob Morgan, CEO for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.



Morgan said it's too soon to know if the city is willing to spend that kind of money for a domed stadium but he said if they want to compete with other cities like Minneapolis, Dallas and Atlanta then they may have to consider it.

“This year, [Atlanta] is going to host the Super Bowl, a year later, the men's Final Four of the NCAA. Are we willing to make the investments to compete for those type of high level events, we need to have that conversation,” said Morgan.

For now, city council has set aside $75 million for potential stadium renovations .

“And we're going to wait to see when the new comes in, what he wants to do about how do we maintain a great place for our team to play,” said Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles.

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