CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Families of police officers wanted their voices heard after a tweet by Charlotte Councilmember LaWana Mayfield caused controversy. 

“My husband is not a terrorist,” said Anne Steppe.

These were words echoed over and over again during Steppe’s three-minute speech to Charlotte City Council Wednesday night. Steppe’s husband is a Charlotte police officer.

“I just simply want my voice to be heard,” she said.

She's upset over a tweet sent by Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield in March, but only drew attention a few weeks ago."Being black in America under number 45 has created homegrown terrorist wearing blue uniforms," Mayfield tweeted. She was responding to another police shooting involving an African-American man and referring to President Donald Trump.



“You say racism is real, yes, yes it is, and you ,Ms. Mayfield, are as guilty as anyone because you clearly don't like the color blue,” Steppe said.

In a two-part interview with Spectrum News, Mayfield has previously said she stands by her comments.

In Depth: Charlotte City Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield, Part 1

In Depth: Charlotte City Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield, Part 2

"When you do your research, look at 2016. Let's just say May, how many people of color have lost their lives and or had been assaulted then we can have this conversation,” Mayfield previously said.

Wednesday, around 10 family members of CMPD officers showed they don't support her tweet.

“There are people out there who don't support the police. We just want to be the voice that does show the support,” said Angie Rangolan.




Steppe said everyone has a right to express their opinion, but as an elected official there is a limit.

“Her tweet was so off the wall and inappropriate, that to not call attention to it is wrong,” Steppe said.

It's why these women want Mayfield and all elected officials to consider the impact of their words.

“Think before they speak or tweet, whatever the case may, and realize those words do hurt and it does have an effect,” Rangolan said.

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