NORTH CAROLINA -- Rep. Robert Pittenger surprised North Carolinians Tuesday by officially endorsing defeater, and now-Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris.

  • Rep. Robert Pittenger has endorsed Mark Harris for congress.
  • Pittenger lost the Republican nomination to Harris in May.
  • Pittenger says Pelosi must not become speaker. 

Harris criticized Pittenger before the primaries of not being supportive enough of the president's policies. 

In a statement released Tuesday evening Pittenger says,"Nancy Pelosi must not become Speaker, which is why Mark Harris has my full endorsement and support as we work with President Trump to make America great again."



Pittenger has previously stated that he feels he's owed an apology for things Harris said about him during the primaries. Capital Tonight host Tim Boyum was told Tuesday evening that such an apology has not been extended.



North Carolinians will head to the polls on Nov. 6. 

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