CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Just like their brothers and sisters in blue, Charlotte firefighters say they want more money too.

There is a possibility of a pay increase for both the police and fire departments, but some believes it’s not enough.

“Both CMPD and CFD have dangerous jobs. Each day when we report to work there's no guarantee we'll go home,” Charlotte firefighter Michael Feneis said during a council meeting.

In this year's budget proposal, there's a 6.5 percent raise for all Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers and for most firefighters, there's a 4.5 percent raise. For those who have topped out of the fire pay plan, it’s only a half percent boost.

“I ask you city council, do the right thing and increase the fire department’s pay,” one firefighter said.

New fire chief Reginald Johnson says he wants to reevaluate the overall pay plan system before deciding what needs to change.

“How the pay plan was formulated, what were some of the pay plans, I guess payments from last year and some of the decisions made last year and what has been promised,” he said.

CMPD Chief Kerr Putney didn't comment on the pay difference. He says his first priority is keeping his officers, then recruitment. “I want to make sure our top people are being taken care of and given opportunities,” he said.

On the other hand, the Charlotte-Mekclenburg NAACP says the pay raise should be equal.

“It has to be something that's comparable because if it’s not, then some folks are going to feel as though their work is not appreciated and they have no worth,” Reverend Corine Mack with the NAACP said.

Several city council members say they want to find a way to support both departments. They'll start picking apart the budget proposal Wednesday.

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