CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Lameka Campbell, the sister of Lareko Williams, who died after being tased by CMPD officers in 2011, was arrested after a traffic stop in Charlotte Friday night, according to the NAACP. 

  • The sister of a man who died after being tased by CMPD officers was arrested Friday Night.
  • The NAACP claims Campbell is, "traumatized and petrified of CMPD." 
  • Campbell faces several charges

According to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, officers tried to pull Campbell over at around 9:30 p.m. Friday night at the intersection of Briar Creek Road and Independence Boulevard. They say she was driving a Lexus 300 with an unreadable tag.

Investigators say Campbell's car came to a stop at Central Avenue near 7th Street and that's when officers say they smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. The release says she chose not to roll the window down and talk to officers and a sergeant from the department later arrived and tried to get Campbell to exit her vehicle. Less than an hour later, officers broke her car window and took Campbell into custody.



Investigators say they found THC oil in the car and marijuana in her possession at the sheriff's office. She is charged with failure to heed emergency lights/siren, improper display of tag, resist/obstruct/delay, possession of marijuana and felony possession of schedule VI drugs.

In a statement, the North Carolina NAACP says: "Lameka was arrested last night during what should have been a simple traffic stop.  Lareko Williams, her brother, was killed by CMPD in 2011. Lameka is traumatized and petrified of CMPD.  Ending this continual and escalating harassment, brutality, and disrespect will be addressed."

A video of the arrest has begun to spread on Faceook. 






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