CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police are investigating after a fight between a teacher and student was caught on camera.

  • Fight happened Monday at South Mecklenburg High School
  • Video appears to show student yelling at teacher and calling her derogatory names
  • $500,000 requested for culture competency training

The fight happened Monday morning at South Mecklenburg High School. There's no word on what caused the fight but the school board members say they're glad that students who witnessed what happened told the truth.

In the video, it appears to show a student yelling at a teaching assistant and calling her derogatory names.

At some point the student hits the teacher in the face and then the fight spills into the hallway.

In the CMS budget requests, there's money for school security upgrades like fencing and fortifying school buildings.

When asked about if there's money set aside to protect teachers in situations like this one, one board member said, "I think we have to do a much better job of making it clear to our students that basically we're not going to tolerate you attacking an employee. And our employees have got to know when to back down and call for assistance," Mary McCray.

There's no word yet if any charges will be filed.

The superintendent says there's $500,000 requested for culture competency training which could address some of the concerns around protecting teachers.

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