CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte City Councilwoman LaWana Mayfiled apologized for her controversial Facebook post about a Sept. 11 conspiracy theory. 

Last week, Mayfield shared an article about the 9/11 attacks, calling into question the cause of the towers' collapse. She captioned the article with "I am still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the planes that opened the doors for US Citizens to lose all privacy rights (from the conspiracy theorist in me)."


Charlotte city councilmember questions validity of 9/11 attacks

Charlotte councilmember explains Facebook post questioning 9/11 attacks

The post has hundreds of shares and thousands of comments on social media, many of them negative. 

Sunday, Mayfield apologized for the post, calling it a "partial thought."

While she says she is sorry for the hurt the post may have caused, she won't stop sharing things on social media. 

"I will always stand on the foundation of freedom of speech, that also means freedom of opinion," Mayfield said. "For the hurt, I apologize. But I'm also thankful, honestly, that I opened up the door for us to have a different conversation." 

Despite a petition calling for her resignation, Mayfield says she is not stepping down from her seat on city council.