CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The threat for severe weather in the Charlotte area ended Sunday night, but Monday morning, many were left with the aftermath from the storm.

The storm ripped through the area swiftly Sunday night, but not without leaving some destruction in its path.

One Huntersville family is now without their barn because it collapsed in the storm.

Danny Phillips, who owns the farm, said no one was hurt and his home wasn't damaged. He also said he's grateful for the community's support.

“I got a great bunch of neighbors and family and such it's just a minor setback. It hurts your heart but we'll make it,” said Phillips.

During the storm, one of Phillips' cows went into labor and she delivered a baby calf that will now fittingly be named "Stormy."

On Marlowe Avenue in Charlotte, a large tree fell on a duplex, leaving two families, both with young children, homeless. Everyone was able to get out safely.

Hot Shots Bar and Grille in Mooresville, already under repair after a car ran into it last week, is now flooded and has holes in its roof after winds were so high they flipped two AC units.

Also in Mooresville, the powerful wind and rain caused a large tree to fall on a house. No one was hurt. Firefighters are investigating a possible gas leak from the damaged home.

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