NEWTON -- A customer not only found a card skimmer, but also a remote camera system attached to an ATM at a First Citizens Bank in Newton. 

Now customers say they are worried that their information may have gotten out.

Police posted pictures asking ATM users to pay close attention to the ATMs, gas pumps or anywhere else where one of these devices can be installed.

A bank on College Street is only one of many where skimmers were found all over the country. Those at the bank Monday say they will be paying a lot closer attention.

Many people say they weren’t sure how to check for a card skimmer at an ATM, but it’s actually quite simple.

All you have to do is slightly pull on the spot where the card is inserted and if it’s a fake, it will pull off.

Newton police believe the card skimmer was put on the ATM at around 8:30 Sunday morning by a black female driving a silver mini van.

A customer called police after he noticed the ATM looked weird and pulled on the card slot and it popped off. 

The bank security asked police to check the ATM further, and they found a camera in a slot below where you type your pin. It had a tiny hole in the top with a camera that video recorded you typing your pin.

They are asking anyone with information to call the police.