CHARLOTTE -- CMPD is getting some new training to help with a very specific type of domestic violence awareness. 

2018 has already been a tragic year with four domestic violence homicides in less than a week.   

Officers say now they're taking their training a step further. 

CMPD employees will be trained in strangulation prevention starting in June 2018. 

CMPD says the Jonathan Bennett case just one week ago shed light on this issue. 

Officials say Bennett's victim, Brittany White, told officers in 2017 Bennett had strangled her. On January 11, 2018, police say Bennett shot and killed White. 

Sgt. Craig Varnum with CMPD says most domestic violence homicides start with strangulation, and now it's on the entire first responder community to stop another death from happening. 

"If there is a tragic silver lining to any of it, if any positivity can come from this tragedy it is that it may perhaps get the attention of folks that we need to move this program forward. Specifically for the training that we need, for the entire community and for the family Justice Center to ultimately come to fruition."

CMPD says they are also putting in protocols with ER staff and medics so they can help strangulation victims as they come in for help.

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