RALEIGH, N.C. -- The buildup to the big ball drop at midnight is big business for many industries.

That includes florists, who expect quite a few requests for the perfect arrangement to cap off 2017.

The biggest reason why florists expect to work on the last day of the year is because many people want to start their new year off right, by getting married.

"It's a fun wedding. People like weddings where they can sit down, party, and have a good time and new year's eve is kind of a classic time to sit down and party, so they tend to do that," Amanda Hewitt from English Garden Florists says.

English Garden Florists expect at least one wedding consignment every new year. Although, this year is a little bit busier than usual.

"We have three new year's eve weddings this year and we had a bride come in yesterday looking at bridal bouquets," she says.

New Year's Eve falls on a weekend, which means more family members can make it to the special day. If you thought setting up the perfect arrangement to celebrate both marriage and a new year was too much pressure for florists, you thought wrong.

"Some are a little bit more high strung while others are very chill. That tends to vary, but it doesn't have anything to do with the holiday. It's just another day at work for us," Hewitt says.

It may be just another day for the florists, but it will be a special night for the guests, especially when the clock strikes midnight.