RALEIGH -- A Raleigh native is still dealing with hateful responses and negative comments in response to her run for one of Raleigh's City Council seats.

On Friday, people found derogatory remarks written about Zainab Baloch on one of her campaign signs in Raleigh. Workers discovered the vandalism around 7 a.m. at the construction site of The Winners Masjid mosque at 5520 Louisburg Road in Raleigh. 

The campaign was contacted shortly after workers found the vandalism, and the sheriff's department is now investigating.

Baloch, 26, started receiving negative comments about her Muslim faith back in the summertime when she first announced her run for one of the at-large council seats.

Her first Facebook post announcing her run received dozens of comments and reactions, with many showing support, but also with a lot questioning her citizenship and expressing negative opinions about her decision to run.