CHARLOTTE -- Hurricane Matthew continues to make its way up toward the Carolinas and some volunteers are already in place along the coast, ready for whatever may be headed their way.

Wednesday, a staff member and volunteer with the Salvation Army in Charlotte, packed up their truck with supplies and left for Georgetown, South Carolina.

Georgetown is along the coast, between Myrtle Beach and Charleston.

Once there, the team’s first task will be helping the first responders during the storm.

“To help them stay on the task, we'll be providing the feeding and stuff like that, so they can do their job without having to wonder 'where am I going to get fed my meal' and all that kind of thing,” said Major Larry Broome.

After the storm, they'll be there for people returning home.

“Serving a warm meal, or just snacks and water, or just a touch on the arm. It all provides hope to the folks and you can see it in their face as they stand in the line, waiting for a meal,” said volunteer Rick Vosteen.

This crew's return date to Charlotte has not been set yet.

As meteorologists continue to monitor the hurricane's track and potential impacts, utility companies like Duke Energy say they are preparing as well.

“We have a very experienced staff of meteorologists who are monitoring where the hurricane might hit and the path of the storm,” said Catherine Butler with Duke Energy.

The company’s also, “making sure that their trucks are supplied and stocked with equipment to respond to outages.”