It was a blind date that turned into love for Joni and Jessie Cohen.  Jessie was successful in business, but was having a hard time when it came to love. She was decided to get help from Charlotte matchmaker, Laurie Berzack of “Carolinas Matchmaker.”

It was by chance, Berzack ran into Joni. "All the things I was looking for, for Jessie, he had and he was looking for someone that was Jessie," said Berzack.

Their first date didn't go as smoothly as planned.  "Our first date, Jessie was late, so I thought I was getting stood up, which was awkward at first," said Joni Cohen.

The two hit it off right away on a date that lasted three hours. "I left, not wanting to leave. I wanted the date to continue....I didn't have to work to have a conversation with him,” said Cohen.

About a year and a half later, a proposal came, with a wedding not too far after. Berzack says you can find your own match by letting your guard down. "Don't close yourself into a certain height, or a certain look, or a certain profession you're looking for in someone; stay open to love," said Berzack.

The Cohens welcomed more joy into their lives, twins just a little more than two weeks ago.  It's the life both always dreamed of and never could have expected from a blind date. "I wasn't expecting to meet the person I would fall in love with the rest of my life and I'm very glad I did," said Joni Cohen.