CHARLOTTE -- Family and neighbors of CMPD officer-involved shooting victim Janisha Fonville are questioning what happened.

The incident happened just before 9 p.m. on Wednesday on the 2700 block of Bellefonte Drive.

CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe said when officers entered the small apartment, 20-year-old Janisha Fonville approached them with a large kitchen knife. After multiple orders for her to drop the weapon, Fonville lunged toward Officer Anthony Holzhauer, who shot and struck her twice.

Family of Janisha Fonville say they haven't slept since hearing the news of her death.

"I saw her almost everyday," said Virginia Byrd, Fonville's godmother, "First of all, we're neighbors, and second of all the family relationship that we have," said Byrd.

She said Fonville was a small woman.

"Very petite, she's maybe my height, and I'm only 5' 2', but she's a smaller frame than I am, so she's barely a threat at all to anybody," said Byrd.

That's one reason family and neighbors don't understand how the officers' response to an argument between Fonville and her girlfriend could have escalated.

"What happened to the Tasers?" said Byrd. "Did you try to tackle her? I mean, as small as she is, I just don't see why two shots had to be fired, she's small! It just didn't make any sense to me."

Byrd's children were also close to Fonville. Shamoney Fifer, 9, is also upset.

"I don't know why the police shot her, they don't got no reason to shoot her, and I don't like that, that's my best cousin, even though she's not my blood," said Fifer.

Police say Fonville was holding a knife, but her godmother doesn't think the killing is justified.

"I still think it was unnecessary force. Two shots, not just one, but two, in the chest and in the stomach and basically blank point range. Do you know how small these apartments are?"

Byrd doesn't want an apology, she wants justice.

"I can't say they need to go to jail but they definitely need to go through some things. She was a sweetheart, she was a sweetheart," said Byrd.

In the 911 call released Thursday, the caller tells police two women were fighting inside the apartment. Family members do not know if Janisha Fonville's girlfriend lived with her.