MOREHEAD CITY—The Dank Burrito is a food truck based out of Morehead City. 


"Often we get asked what dank means. It means of high quality. So we’re using high quality ingredients to make these fresh tacos and burritos,” said Owner & Chef Clarke Merrel.


Now the Dank Burrito has another title, "Food Truck Rookie of the Year". 


"It was a nationwide contest calling all food trucks that had been operating less than a year. And our little seaside town rallied behind us and voted and we won," said Merrell. 


The online voting contest was put on by The Dank Burrito received about 3,00 of the almost 8,000 votes, securing the number one spot. 


"Second place was StripChezze out of Las Vegas. So we were going up against big cities. Austin, two trucks from Raleigh were in it as well, so North Carolina was represented by three trucks. So it was pretty cool," said Merrell. 


It was all possible thanks to loyal customers like Elizabeth Simoes who voted and stop by the truck about twice a week. 


"It's good food. I mean, you never have a bad taco. It’s always the same. The consistency is just phenomenal and they’re good guys," said Simoes. Good guys who serve colorful mexican cuisine in a very colorful truck.


The Dank Burrito travels throughout Carteret and Craven County. To find out their schedule, click here.