CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- It's as close to a literal hole in the wall as it gets. Where you donut want to be worried about your diet, because treating yourself is nothing to glaze over. 

“We like being a little bit under the radar where people can have this special moment of just finding this window in noda that serves hot donuts," Reigning Doughnuts owner Jamie Brown said. 

Reigning Doughnuts opened in NoDa out of an old storage space for Growlers Pourhouse. Now it stores your guilty pleasure. 

“You can just hop up, grab a donut, walk down the street and become a part of the local vibe that’s here," Brown said. 

Without the space to keep trays of premade options, everything is made to order. All donuts are made from cake batter instead of traditional yeast dough.

After going the the fryer, donuts are still warm when the topping are added and it's served to customers. 

"Just really fun for people and they feel like theyve explored the neighborhood and gotten a taste of what NoDa has to offer," Brown said. 


3120 N Davidson St; Charlotte, NC 28205


Mon-Fri, 7am-11am & 7-11pm

Sat-Sun, 7am-4pm & 5-11pm 

Does not accept cash