RALEIGH, N.C. — Summer is almost here and as many students are crossing the stage to receive their high school diploma, they’re also looking for work to start saving or paying for college. But some experts say applying for scholarships like it’s your full or part-time job, could be an equally, if not more, beneficial use of your time.

Spectrum News anchor Caroline Blair sat down an expert from the College Foundation of North Carolina for a look at how you can get your hands on free money.

College Scholarship Statistics

Courtesy: College Foundation of North Carolina

  • The average cost of in state public tuition is around $5000 (US News and World Report)
  • North Carolina minimum wage is $7.25/hour
  • Takes 17 weeks of full-time work at minimum age to pay for 1 semester

Benefits of Applying for Scholarships

Courtesy: College Foundation of North Carolina

  • Estimated $2.9 billion in available grant and scholarship money goes unclaimed each year (NerdWallet)
  • Students can easily apply for more than $5,000 in scholarships in a full workday
  • That means you could make $625/hour by filling out scholarship applications
  • Unlike student loans, grants like the Federal Pell Grant are not required to be paid back

Resources for Scholarships & Grants