ST. LOUIS—After another weekend where authorities say groups of teens caused trouble well into the night, St. Louis officials confirmed that a 7pm curfew for scooters is now in place downtown on Friday and Saturday nights.

Heather Taylor, a senior adviser in the Department of Public Safety, told reporters Monday of several incidents involving juveniles, including fighting and other disruptive behavior on Saturday night that distracts resources from where it is needed most.

“Our officers expended a lot of time and resources to manage the situation. Whenever this occurs, this takes away officers from addressing violent crime, which is our number one priority in the city of St. Louis,” Taylor said, adding a stern message for parents and guardians: “It is not safe to leave your children unsupervised downtown or any other area. We want our families to be safe, we want our children to be safe. However, unsupervised juveniles roaming the street late at night simply isn’t safe.”

A city spokesperson confirmed Tuesday morning that weekend incidents, including this past Friday, prompted the curfew, which lasts until 7am. Sunday night through Thursday night, the shut off happens at 8pm.

The curfew isn’t the only tool being used to cut down on nuisance behavior from teens downtown. A Downtown Youth Ambassador program, which uses teachers, counselors and safety officers from the Saint Louis Public School district to interact with teens and help public safety officials disperse crowds, has been in place since last fall. Kelli McCrary, Executive Director of the Downtown Community Improvement District, told reporters that the organization would work with police and other city departments to come up with more plans to address issues related to unsupervised youth downtown.