AUSTIN, Texas — Tina Ciotti has turned making marshmallows into a pretty sweet business. She owns The Fancy Marshmallow Co. near Austin. She didn’t start out a marshmallow expert, let alone running her own business.

“I tried to make fun, different marshmallows just on my own to see if I could make them fun versus a regular vanilla bagged marshmallow. A friend of mine, one day, happened to say, ‘Why don’t you put these on Instagram?’ My first reaction was, ‘Why? Who’s going to want to look at marshmallows?’” said Ciottti.

With a background in marketing and a knack for making products look pretty, her business was born. Now, Ciotti has marshmallow making down to a science. Her confections come in all flavors, shapes and sizes.

“They’re nostalgic; memories of being a kid, roasting them over an open fire or just having a regular vanilla marshmallow sweet treat,” said Ciotti. 

She even sells a green-colored marshmallow in honor of the Grinch. 

“What we do is top it with a little red heart to show the Grinch theme,” she said.

Ciotti makes around 1,200 marshmallows a week during the Christmas season. Americans consume around 90,000,000 pounds of marshmallows every year.

Ciotti is just happy doing her part from inside her Texas kitchen.