Twitter:  @ToddBoat

Todd Boatwright is a Spectrum News original. For the past 20 years, Todd has been telling the stories of his community. It only makes sense that Todd’s extensive career as an anchor has been flourishing since day one. Even as a kid, Todd was always obsessed with figuring out how television shows were put together, rather than the content itself.

Throughout the many stories Todd has covered in his career, he’ll never forget his coverage of the Austin bomber in 2018. He recalls the way each update in the story affected so many different people, and how important it was to inform the community each day of the new information they needed in order to stay safe in their daily lives.

Todd is a self-proclaimed kitchen gadget fanatic with a passion for gourmet cooking, so when he’s not at the anchor desk, watching old movies, or buffing up on his history, you can find him in the kitchen!