TEXAS — The number of people migrating from California to Texas has not slowed down. In fact, it's increasing, according to a new study. 

What You Need To Know

  • According to a new study, the number of people relocating from Califronia to Texas is going up

  • The study, by StorageCafe, says that in 2021 alone, 111,000 people moved from the Golden State to the Lone Star State 

  • The study attributes the migration to affordability and job opportunities 

  • Home costs, on average, are $282,000 less in Texas than in California

The move from California to Texas is the most popular interstate relocation routes in the U.S., with 111,000 people making the move in 2021, according to a study done by StorageCafe. This averages out to roughly 300 Californians moving to the Lone Star State per day. 

The popularity of this route is only challenged by the one from New York to Florida, with 93,000 people making the move in 2021.

Setting records for the number of movers in 2021, the amount of people migrating from California to Texas was up by 80% compared to the approximately 62,000 people in 2012. While this change of scenery is not a one-way street, the number of Texans moving to California is significantly smaller, sitting at roughly 33,000 in 2021.

According to StorageCafe, this move is largely spurred by affordability and job options in the Lone Star State. Remote work has fueled people to choose a state with no income tax, lower housing costs and a business-friendly environment. Two noticeable high-profile people who have made such a move include Elon Musk and Joe Rogan.

“Migration patterns are closely connected to the dynamics of economy in the post-pandemic world. Inflation continues to be a major concern, putting a financial strain on many people as they spend more of their income on typical expenses. As a result, moving to places that are easier on the wallet seems like the obvious solution, with many people crossing city and state lines to find a more suitable place to live,” said Yardi Matrix business intelligence manager Doug Ressler.

Home costs, on average, are about $282,000 lower in Texas than California. For example, buying a home in Dallas versus San Jose can result in savings of $1 million, with the home price difference at a whopping 258%. The same is applicable when comparing homes in San Mateo to those in Travis counties, with the home price difference at 243%, allowing California home buyers to average nearly $1.3 million in savings.

“Over the first two decades of the 21st century, the movement of people leaving California for Texas has been well established. No other state has sent more migrants to Texas than California during this time. The continual soaring housing prices and cost of living in California and much greater affordability in Texas is likely to sustain the significant flows of Californians toward Texas in the coming decades,” said UTSA Department of Demography professor Rogelio Saenz.

Millennials make up nearly half of all age groups moving from California to Texas at 46% followed by Gen X at 21%. Research shows that most of the millennials from California are moving to Houston, Austin and Dallas.