Eight people were killed on Saturday and seven injured when a gunman opened fire at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas, just north of Dallas.

The gunman was killed by SWAT. It marked the second mass shooting in Texas in as many weeks. Texas lawmakers remain divided along party lines on how to stem the violence.

Texas and national political leaders on Saturday issued statements, decrying the violence and asking for prayers for the victims and their families.

President Joe Biden provided the following statement Sunday morning:

"Eight Americans — including children — were killed yesterday in the latest act of gun violence to devastate our nation. Jill and I are praying for their families and for others critically injured, and we are grateful to the first responders who acted quickly and courageously to save lives. 
"Federal, state, and local law enforcement are working closely together to investigate this attack and I have directed federal agencies to provide all needed support.
"Yesterday, an assailant in tactical gear armed with an AR-15 style assault weapon gunned down innocent people in a shopping mall, and not for the first time. Such an attack is too shocking to be so familiar. And yet, American communities have suffered roughly 200 mass shootings already this year, according to leading counts. More than 14,000 of our fellow citizens have lost their lives, credible estimates show. The leading cause of death for American kids is gun violence.
"Since I signed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act into law and took two dozen executive actions to stem the tide of gun violence, we have made some progress. States are banning assault weapons, expanding red flag laws and more — but it’s not enough. We need more action, faster to save lives.
"Too many families have empty chairs at their dinner tables. Republican Members of Congress cannot continue to meet this epidemic with a shrug. Tweeted thoughts and prayers are not enough.
"Once again I ask Congress to send me a bill banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Enacting universal background checks. Requiring safe storage. Ending immunity for gun manufacturers. I will sign it immediately. We need nothing less to keep our streets safe."

Texas’ senior senator, John Cornyn, thanked first responders.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz offered prayers.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement saying he has offered all the state’s resources to investigate the incident.

“Our hearts are with the people of Allen, Texas tonight during this unspeakable tragedy,” said Abbott. “I have been in contact with Mayor Fulk and DPS Director McCraw as well as other state and local leaders and offered the full support of the State of Texas to local officials to ensure all needed assistance and resources are swiftly deployed, including DPS officers, Texas Rangers, and investigative resources.”

Allen Mayor Ken Fulk provided a lengthy statement calling Saturday a tragic day for his city.

“Today is a tragic day for the City of Allen, our citizens, our friends and visitors who were at the Allen Premium Outlets. We are a strong and caring community, and we want all of the victims and their families impacted by this tragedy to know that we will wrap our arms around you, and we are here for you. The city of Allen pledges to offer our complete support. We know you are grieving, we are grieving. Rest assured, the nation and the world are also grieving.

“Allen is a proud and safe city which makes today’s senseless act of violence even more shocking. However, I want to commend our police and fire departments for their quick response. Their thorough training not to hesitate to move toward the threat likely saved more lives today. We also want to thank all of our surrounding municipalities and law enforcement agencies for offering their assistance at the scene. This collective effort is what makes our North Texas communities united.

“We know the days ahead will be difficult and somber. While we remember the victims of today’s shooting, we want to convey our appreciation for the condolences and notes we are receiving from all over the world. I have received calls from The White House, Governor Abbot and many other national, state and county officials who have reached out to the City of Allen to express their support and desire to help the Allen Community in any way possible.

“On behalf of the city council, our law enforcement personnel, first responders and all of our city employees – we will remain strong and stand united.”

“There are many, many people in our community who are hurting, whose lives have been shattered, who need and deserve our collected prayers,” state Rep. Jeff Leach, an Allen resident, said. 

Texas Black Legislative Caucus Ron Reynolds provided the following statement:

"Our hearts go out to the victims and their families during this tragic time. We stand in solidarity with them and the community of Allen affected by this senseless act of violence. The need for tangible common sense gun reform legislation is now to prevent these tragedies from happening in the future. The TxLBC is committed to continuing the work this session towards bipartisan legislative solutions that will make our communities safer."

Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro called for gun reform.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick provided the following statement:

“Please join Jan and me in mourning the victims of the unspeakable tragedy in Allen. Please also join us in prayer for the victims’ families and friends along with the residents of Allen. We are grateful for our brave first responders who were deployed to stop the shooter and investigate this hideous crime. We are thankful for their bravery and courage.”

U.S. Rep. Colin Allred, D-Texas, who is a 2024 Senate candidate, provided this statement: