TEXAS — The holidays are a time to celebrate with festivities, friends and family and food, but overdoing it with alcohol and getting behind the wheel can have deadly consequences. 

According to TxDOT, there were nearly 49,000 traffic crashes during the 2021 holiday season in Texas, causing 433 deaths and almost 1,700 serious injuries. Nearly a quarter of those deaths were DUI-alcohol related, killing 98 people and injuring 236 in drunken driving crashes.

TxDOT is launching its “Driver Sober, No Regrets” campaign this week to remind drivers not to get behind the wheel after drinking, not just during the holidays, but throughout the year.

To avoid any possibilities of driving while intoxicated, designate a sober driver, call a taxi or rideshare service, use public transportation, call a ride from friends and family or just stay put.

“With everything going on in the world these past few years, we want everyone to be able to celebrate this joyous time of year without the tragic consequences of drinking and driving,” said TxDOT Executive Director Marc Williams. “Get together with family and friends and have a great time, but please find an alternative way home if you choose to drink. You have many options available.”

This campaign is part of TxDOT’s larger goal of #EndTheStreakTX since the state has not seen a deathless day on its roadways since Nov. 7, 2000.