AUSTIN, Texas — Art Barn ATX is located just outside Austin. Amber Gordon teaches art there to those who like to think outside the box.

"I don't do your atypical type of art. I'm going to teach you how to smash it to create art. I'm going to teach you how to catch it on fire to make art," said Gordon.

As the temperature reaches 90 degrees outside, there's something "cool" going on inside the building. Volunteers are making gingerbread houses.

"They have some Christmas trees and some snowmen, and on the roof I'm going to have some little candy canes," said volunteer Cordelia Palmer.

Instead of the usual ingredients for making gingerbread houses, volunteers use clay. All the houses will go to children at Dell Children's Hospital. Many of the kids, who are sick, can't handle food items.

"And so, they may want to make a gingerbread house but they can't. This is their way to still get to make a gingerbread house and to keep it," said Gordon.

This is the second year volunteers have made ceramic gingerbread houses for the hospital. Around 50 will be primed and ready for the patients to paint in time for Christmas.

"I really enjoy this because I'm doing something good and I'm helping someone while also having fun myself. It makes me feel good, like whenever I go home, 'Oh, I just did something nice,'" exclaimed Cordelia Palmer.