TEXAS — As extreme weather and temperatures continue to plague the state, so too do natural disasters.

Analysts from quotewizard.com looked at data from the Nation Centers for Environmental Information, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They analyzed statistics from over the last 40 years and found that in that time major disasters have increased by 203% in Texas, the most of any state. The cost of the damage ranges between $200-$340 billion.

The data shows Texas has had 137 natural disasters and that 103 of them have happened in the last 20 years. Hawaii has had the fewest natural disasters. Severe storms are the most common natural disaster, but there have been increases in the numbers of wildfires, floods and cyclones.

Tornadoes can happen in almost every state, but most happen in the Midwest and Southeast. Data from the National Weather Service showed Texas suffered 118 tornadoes in 2021, the most of any state.

While there’s no sign these natural disasters will stop soon, homeowners should take precautions to protect themselves. Homeowners insurance covers some natural disasters, but not all. QuoteWizard breaks down what types of policies exist and what they cover.