AUSTIN, Texas — Still on its way to becoming a tech hub, Austin, Texas, is Deere & Company’s next investment. John Deere has expanded its operations and opened a new office in the Capital City.

What You Need To Know

  • John Deere’s Austin office will be a collaboration hub for new hires

  • With Deere’s technological expansion to its workforce, its team will promptly make innovations to help farmers be more profitable and sustainable

  • Hunkering down in Austin allows Deere to reach regional universities, startups, incubators and the technology community

John Deere’s new Austin-based location is in the South Congress district.

The city’s growing population is no secret, especially not to Deere, as that’s one allure to Austin. Deere sees this expansion as a way to recruit more diversified talent.

“Austin is a growing destination for some of the brightest minds in technology. Opening this office was a strategic decision from both a talent and collaboration perspective, particularly in software and data analytics,” said Jahmy Hindman, Chief Technology Officer at John Deere. “Deere’s mission has always been about helping farmers sustainably feed a growing global population. We’re looking for people who want to help create technology that will have a significant impact on their communities and the world.”

Deere is in search of data scientists, data engineers, embedded software engineers, systems engineers and computer vision and machine learning operations engineers.

“A presence in Austin allows us to access and recruit from a robust and diverse technical talent pool, supplemented by the region’s university ecosystem and startup community,” said Andrez Carberry, director of Global HR Operations at John Deere. “This office will help us continue to develop industry leading technology and solutions for farms and construction worksites.”

“While we continue to embrace a flexible work environment for employees, this new office will provide an in-person space for innovators to inspire pivotal moments in collaboration and creativity,” Carberry added.

This extension, the company said, would also help to grow Deere’s technological capabilities as a global tech leader and solidify Austin as an innovation hub.