AUSTIN — Although a new year is almost upon us, the economy seems to be in a similar state as that of 2020 when COVID first arose. With new strains of the virus continuously emerging, omicron being the latest, COVID cases are not easing up.

Due to COVID concerns, Spoon’s New Year’s Eve show at ACL Live has been canceled.

According to Spoon, this decision was made with the increase of COVID cases in mind. They also report some artists on the lineup contracted COVID.

“We realize that many of you were planning to travel to Austin for this gig and we’re especially sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause. Thank you to all for buying tickets in the first place and for planning to spend your New Year Eve with us,” says Spoon.

Spoon expressed disappointment in not being able to see this event fully through, but they remain hopeful for the future.

“Here’s hoping that there will be some calm and lots of shows in the not so distant future," Spoon wrote. "We’re working on setting up dates for later spring right now. We love y’all. Be safe out there.”

The event was to be held at the Moody Theater on Friday, Dec. 31. Refund options are available to those who’ve already purchased tickets. Spoon says to expect a direct email.