Texas-based lawyer Mark Metzger dressed up as the classic “Halloween” chara​cter Michael Myers and went on a walk on the beach holding a bloody knife Sept. 13.

When Galveston police arrived on scene they determined that the knife and blood were both fake. Metzger was placed in handcuffs. According to The Daily News, he was cited for disorderly conduct and released.

After his arrest, Metzger took to his Facebook to comment on his prank, stating that he wanted to “[Bring] positive vibes to the gloom and doom out there, generating some laughter, helping people crack a smile, and restoring our faith in humanity through humor is 100% what I’m about. It’s all I’ve been about my entire life.

He added that he would “do it again all day every day.”​

Michael Myers has been among the most popular slasher horror film characters since debuting in director John Carpenter's "Halloween" in 1978. The next installment in the franchise, "Halloween Kills," is set to debut on Oct. 15.