AUSTIN, Texas — Wyatt McSpadden has photographed some of Texas' most famous people and places. Along the way, you’ll also find him at some of his favorite barbecue joints.

He shows up not so much to eat, but to capture a moment on camera.

“It's something I love to do. I love people. I love photography. I love barbecue. I don’t think of this as work,“ explained McSpadden.

You’ll find McSpadden’s work in Texas Monthly Magazine and in a slew of books on barbecue. The Dallas Morning News named McSpadden the “Godfather of Texas Barbecue Photography.”

“It makes me think of Marlon Bran so I’m OK with that,” said McSpadden.

McSpadden says the perfect picture sometimes happen in the pit room, like at Franklin Barbecue in Austin.  

“It's 105 degrees in the pit room. This is where the action is. This is where you gotta go. You gotta perspire to aspire,” said McSpadden.

He might not be the barbecue expert, but McSpadden knows what he likes. When it comes to taking picture, it's the people and places of barbecue that matter. 

“Many of the things I really like are involved in doing this barbecue photography. There’s portraiture. There’s architectural pictures of interesting spaces, ” said McSpadden.

McSpadden has also seen a transition. The state of Texas now boasts more pits and pit masters than ever before. 

“Here we are within a mile of the Texas State Capitol at what many consider to be the best barbecue place in the state. So, that stuff didn’t exist prior to 2010.”