The Valentine's Day Storm of 2021 left millions of Texans without power and broke records. As the storm finally comes to an end, a slow recovery begins. We asked Spectrum News 1 readers and viewers to submit their weather photos.

"Chicken flock enjoying the snow."

Austin, photo by Robin Carson

"My kitchen after 4 days no water, out of vessel’s to hold the melted snow."

Austin, photo by Rhonda Medlin

"Old courthouse in downtown Denton with the snow on the ground."

Denton, photo by Tim Hughes

Del Rio, photo by Rory Martinez

Del Rio, photo by Rory Martinez

New Braunfels, photo by Traci Odom

"Snow from my porch will be boiled for essential need."

San Antonio, photo by Jaalany Valenzuela

Drone shot over San Antonio neighborhood.

San Antonio, photo by Jesus Soliz

Del Rio, photo by Garry Gutierrez

"Building a snowman for the San Antonio Spurs and San Antonio Rodeo."

San Antonio, photo by Boy Jimenez

San Antonio, photo by Boy Jimenez